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Σε ένα συνεχόμενα μεταβαλλόμενο οικονομικό και φορολογικό περιβάλλον για τις επιχειρήσεις, με τους κανόνες της αγοράς να αλλάζουν διαρκώς, στην Athens Financial Services διαθέτουμε έμπειρους και καταξιωμένους συνεργάτες, απόφοιτους οικονομικών σχολών, που διακρίνονται για την υπευθυνότητα και την αξιοπιστία τους και είναι έτοιμοι να δώσουν λύση σε κάθε λογιστική, φοροτεχνική, συμβουλευτική και ασφαλιστική σας ανάγκη.


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Athens Financial Services' team has been working with you for 10 years

In an era of successive economic reforms, of rigorous controls and high penalties, is our top priority for our customers to feel really safe.

In a continuously changing economic and fiscal environment for businesses, with the rules of the market constantly changing, at Athens Financial Services we have experienced and renowned collaborators, graduates of economic schools, who are distinguished for their responsibility and reliability and are ready to provide a solution to any accounting, tax, consultancy-related and insurance-related need you may have.

Tax Services, Consulting Services and Insurance Services.

For businesses and individuals

With executives and partners of high standards we provide all the guarantees and the appropriate long-term planning for your needs, at the cutting edge of developments in tax and business organization and outstanding issues for individuals.

At AFS we give great importance to informing and communicating the latest updates to everyone. We thank the media for the trust they show us.

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Call us at 210 8317702 or send an e-mail to

Our Offices:

  1. Leof. Posidonos 6, Kallithea (next to the SNFCC)

  2. 37, Evalkidou str., Athens

Our first priority is offering high quality services as fast as possible.

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