The Audiovisual Works Production Enterprises Loan Guarantee Fund was created to provide a loan guarantee through the partnering Banks, in order to gain access to financing for Small and Medium Enterprises active in the audiovisual works production industry.

With a Loan Portfolio amounting to 62.5 million euros, the objective of the program is to cover liquidity needs, but also needs arising from the medium-term investment planning of these companies through the provision of guarantees to the participating Credit Institutions, for the granting of Working Capital loans and Investment Purpose, with a disbursement horizon of December 31, 2025 31η Δεκεμβρίου 2025.

Target Audience 

Small and medium enterprises which:

  • are active in the sectors (KAD 59.11, 59.12, 62.01.21)
  • On the date of the first disbursement of the loan, they are tax aware and insurance aware.
  • Businesses that on 31.12.2019 are not considered Troubled Businesses (according to the definition in point 18 of article 2 of Regulation 651/2014)
  • are considered credit-acceptable in accordance with the applicable credit policy and internal procedures of credit institutions are bank current (have a debt < 90 days ) on the date of the application

είναι τραπεζικά ενήμερες (έχουν οφειλή < 90 ημερών ) κατά την ημερομηνία της αίτησης.

What are the benefits-advantages of the business?

Given the guarantee of the Guarantee Fund, the beneficiary company enjoys either a lower interest rate on the loan, or less (or no) collateral.

Types of loans and lending limits

A. Investment loans

  • From Euro 25,000 to a maximum of Euro 900,000, per business

B. Working Capital Loans

  • From Euro 25,000 to a maximum of Euro 900,000, per business

Guarantee rate of the Hellenic Development Bank → 80% per loan,

Maximum collateral percentage from the company (Beneficiary) → 50% per loan

Maximum loan-guarantee duration

A. 5 years for Working Capital loans, including any Grace Period.

B. 10 years for Investment Loans, including any Grace Period.