At Athens Financial Services we manage and protect our data and that of our customers with the most modern technological and secure methods on the market.

Now Athens Financial Services, with the valuable assistance of Giant Stride, an innovative IT services company, has far exceeded the security level compared to other European companies in the Finance industry, maintaining a percentage of 76.56% in the Security MS365 system of Microsoft, while the industry average hovers at 27.99%.

Our company invests in continuous Technology Improvement through the IT Totalcare service offered by Giant Stride. In a constantly changing & changing technological environment, Athens Financial Services also leads the way in the security and preservation of its data, its customers' data and information.

The supervision of our IT needs and Cloud Services is done by the expert professionals and excellent partners of Giant Stride, with the Best-in-Class services it has and the specialized solutions it provides us.

Today, Cloud services are particularly important and now necessary for all businesses (small & large) and their security is a concern of both the manufacturer and the end customer.

The shared responsibility model we apply concerns both the responsibility for the security of the Cloud Services held by the manufacturer (e.g. Google, Microsoft, etc.), as well as the security within the Cloud that is the responsibility of the user (e.g. Athens Financial Services). Unfortunately many companies and many employees ignore this quality assurance and reliability model and unwittingly put their customers' data and their own at risk.