FROM TODAY, those interested can submit their applications for the new round of the program, as the start date for electronic submission of funding applications to OPSKE, for all Interventions of the Action, has been set for Thursday 06/06/2024 at 12:00.

Accordingly, the closing dates are as follows:

• For the Intervention I on Wednesday 10/07/2024 at 15:00

• For the Intervention II on Wednesday 17/07/2024 at 15:00

• For the Interventions III and IV the Call will remain open until the exhaustion of the available budget per Region Category and at the latest until Wednesday 27/11/2024 at 15:00


• Research and Development by Companies: €800.000

• Business Partnerships with Research Organizations: €2 million.

• Utilization of Research Results: €2 million.

• Seal of Excellence for companies: The total budget of each proposal is the approved budget from the evaluation of the Horizon Europe Program


• The regular staff of the beneficiary who are employed in the research facility during the year of the start of the project and are connected to the beneficiary in a dependent employment relationship (full-time or part-time employment contract of indefinite duration, fixed-term employment contract).

• The regular staff of the public sector, employed in the Act by decision of the Beneficiary's competent body.

• Temporary staff employed in practice in new positions created as a direct consequence of the project, with a fixed-term full or part-time employment contract.

• The fellows.

• Natural persons with a project lease contract. The maximum subsidized cost per researcher (VAT) amounts to €4 thousand per month for the entire action.

The corresponding limit for technical staff amounts to €2 thousand per month and per VAT number. These limits are not checked during the submission of the funding application but during the implementation of the projects and the certification of the expenses. To cover the remaining eligible project costs, a single rate of 40% is used on the eligible direct personnel costs.


• Each independent company (at VAT level) can participate as a potential beneficiary in up to 5 Funding Applications in total in Interventions I, II and III, throughout the duration of the action.

• The requested budget of a company – potential beneficiary in a funding application, cannot exceed three fifths (60%) of the highest turnover achieved in one of the previous three management periods.

• The companies must contribute at least 30% of the project budget. When submitting the Funding Application, the total requested budget of the companies – potential beneficiaries in a funding application must be greater than or equal to 30% of the total requested budget of the funding application


The strategic areas were defined in the National Smart Specialization Strategy 2021-2027 that links research and innovation with entrepreneurship. The research project funding applications that will be submitted and will concern the eight areas of the National Smart Specialization Strategy are:

1. Materials, Construction & Industry

2. Tourism, Culture & Creative Industries

3. Agri-Food Chain

4. Environment & Circular Economy

5. Life Sciences, Health, Medicines

6. Transportation & Supply Chain

7. Sustainable Energy

8. Digital Technologies


The evaluation will be immediate (FiFo) in the Intervention III, Exploitation of Research Results, and based on the order of submission of the proposals and until the exhaustion of the available budget. The same applies to project proposals with a Seal of Excellence (Intervention IV). The evaluation will be comparative in the Intervention I, R&D by Enterprises, and the Intervention II, Partnerships between Enterprises and Research Organizations

For more information on the Evaluation of inclusion in financial instruments click here: