The Ministry of Development announced the allocation of 8,000,000€ to strengthen companies in the form of compensation , through the action "Strengthening of very small companies affected by the bad weather "Daniel" in the Region of Thessaly.

The aim is to support companies that during the bad weather were active in specific KAD – code of activity - and had a facility (headquarters or branch) which, in addition to the damage they have suffered due to the bad weather, have also lost their ability to operate and after that.This is a new action - different from the one that has already been running since May 1st, to support specific companies.

The amounts that will be allocated are directly linked to the business turnover in 2022, with the largest amount that can be given being 7,000€ for those with a turnover of more than 30,000€. From 1,000€ to 30,000€ the amount of compensation is 5,000€, while with a turnover of up to 1,000€ the compensation is limited to 500€.

Recipients of aid that may be eligible for public funding under this action are companies, regardless of their legal form, that legally operate in the country and that meet the following conditions for participation:

  1. To have on 05.09.2023 an installation (headquarters or annex) in the areas of the Thessaly Region affected by «Daniel», which are detailed in the action table.
  2. To have on 05.09.2023 an active KAD – code of activity - (main or secondary) in the eligible fields of activity (KAD)
  3. To submit a Financing Application per VAT number for all the facilities they have
  4. To keep simple or double-entry books of Law 4308/2014.
  5. To operate legally in the places for which they will apply for aid.
  6. That there are no grounds for exclusion from paragraph 1 of article 40 of Law 4488/2017 (Α΄137) (imposition of fines for violations of labor legislation).
  7. That no recovery order for previous illegal and incompatible state aid based on an EU or CJEU decision is pending against them.
  8. To meet all the terms and conditions of Reg. (EU) 2023/2831 "APPENDIX III: REQUIREMENTS OF REG. EE 2831/2023" It is pointed out that the total amount of de minimis aid that the single enterprise has received in the past, including the aid from this Action, must not exceed the amount of €300,000 in any three-year period. When the ceiling previously set is exceeded, by the granting of new de minimis aid, no part of said new aid may benefit from the Regulation.

The starting date for the electronic submission of proposals to the State Aid Information System is set for Thursday 30/05/2024 at 10.00 a.m. with a closing date of Thursday 04/07/2024 at 3.00 p.m. Applications that are not submitted online cannot receive aid. After the end of the date and time for the online submission of Funding Applications, no application submissions will be accepted.