Expression of interest is open for Measure 19.2 "Support for the implementation of Local Development strategies with the initiative of Local Communities (CLLD/LEADER)" - private intervention projects, the following sub-actions are announced: ",," and for which it is possible to submit proposals.

Area of implementation

Region of Heraklion and Prefecture of Rethymno


  • Municipality of Agios Vassiliou [department] – Municipal Unit of Lampi (all local communities)
  • Municipality of Amari (all local communities)
  • Municipality of Anogeia
  • Municipality of Mylopotamos (all local communities)
  • Municipality of Rethymno [department] – Municipal Unit of Arkadi (all local communities), Municipal Unit of Rethymno (all local communities and the out-of-town settlements of the Municipal Community of Rethymno: Agia Irini, Anogeia, Gallos, ​Giannoudi, Megalo Metohi, Mikro Metohi, Dry Village, Three Monasteries)


  • Municipality of Gortyna [department] – Municipal Unit of Rouva (all local communities)
  • Municipality of Malevizio [department] – Municipal Unit of Krousonas (all of the Municipal/Local communities), Municipal Unit of Tyliss (the local communities​​ of Aidonochori, Astyraki, Gonia and Kamarioti)
  • Municipality of Phaistos [department], Municipal Unit of Zarou (all local communities), Municipal Unit of Tympaki (the local communities of Grigoria and Kamara)

Η ενίσχυση χορηγείται στο δικαιούχο με τη μορφή επιχορήγησης και το ύψος της
υπολογίζεται βάσει των επιλέξιμων δαπανών.
Ο συνολικός προϋπολογισμός κάθε αίτησης στήριξης δυνητικού δικαιούχου ενίσχυσης
δεν μπορεί να υπερβεί τις 600.000 € για πράξεις που αφορούν σε υποδομές ή/και
εξοπλισμό και τις 100.000€ για πράξεις που αφορούν σε άυλες ενέργειες.
Κάθε δυνητικός δικαιούχος μπορεί να πραγματοποιήσει πράξη με προϋπολογισμό στα
ανωτέρω όρια. Ωστόσο, απαραίτητη προϋπόθεση για την ένταξη μιας πράξης αποτελεί
η διαθεσιμότητα των πόρων της Πρόσκλησης.

Eligible Expenses 

Οι επιλέξιμες δαπάνες στο πλαίσιο των επενδυτικών προτάσεων για όλες τις
κατηγορίες υποδράσεων, δύναται να είναι:

  • Purchase, construction or improvement of property
  • Αγορά, (συμπεριλαμβανομένης της μεταφοράς και εγκατάστασης) εξοπλισμού και ο
    εξοπλισμός εργαστηρίων στο βαθμό που εξυπηρετεί τη λειτουργία της επένδυσης
  • Purchase of new vehicles
  • Obtaining quality assurance certificates, which are recognized by international or national standards
  • Business equipment expenses, such as the purchase of fax machines, telephone facilities, intercom networks, computers, software, peripherals and photocopiers
  • Costs of facility security systems, facility fire protection systems
  • General costs associated with plant facilities and equipment, such as architect, engineer and consultant fees, fees for advice on environmental and economic viability, including costs for feasibility studies
  • Expenses such as acquisition or development of software and acquisitions of patents, licenses, intellectual property rights, trademarks, creating a recognizable mark (label) of the product, market research to shape the image of the product (packaging, labeling).
  • Promotional expenses, such as website, publications, advertising and participation in exhibitions and up to 10% of the total cost of the act.
  • Connection costs with Public Benefit Organizations (POWs) such as indicatively PPC, water supply, drainage, telephone service etc., within the boundaries of the plot
  • Insurance policy against all risks, during the work of the investment (compulsory insurance)
  • Staff fees, including social security charges, paid by the beneficiary to its staff, if hired, to work exclusively for the implementation of the investment and to be dismissed on completion, in case of self-reliance
  • Especially for sub-action The eligible costs, in addition to the above, in the context of the investment proposals in the said sub-action of this article, are:
    Expenses related to the configuration of display areas, testing of the company's products as well as the corresponding equipment (such as audio and video reproduction equipment) required in case the company maintains or creates a space that can be visited by the public and entrepreneurs.
    Green works, tree plantings, lawns, as well as decoration works (within the operational area of the business) in the event that the business maintains or creates a space that can be visited by the public and businessmen.
    The purchase of an olive oil cold pressing complex, up to the amount of €30,000. This expenditure concerns only active or professional farmers, only for their own production and the final product should be standardized in packages of up to five (5) litres.
  • Specifically for sub-action The eligible costs, in addition to the above, in the context of the investment proposals in the said sub-action of this are:
    Expenses of special equipment such as the purchase-construction of traditional wooden boats, other boats for the service of tourist activities, purchase of horses for tour activities, purchase of customer transport vehicles for alternative/theme tourism businesses and if their necessity is fully documented, up to the amount of €30,000 for these vehicles.
    Construction of a small house - warehouse for the storage - service needs of the investment, up to 40 sq.m., only for tourist accommodation investments.
    Landscaping projects as well as decoration projects (as long as they are a functional part of the business).
    Customer entertainment equipment (such as audio and video playback equipment

Implementation timelines

The beneficiary must complete the financial and physical object of the transaction by 06-30-2025.

Application period 

from 24/3/2023 to 7/6/2023 (15:00)

For the overall conditions for the participation of the beneficiaries and for the evaluation of your business, fill out the evaluation form below and a representative from the relevant department will contact you immediately!

Business evaluation questionnaire for inclusion in funding and subsidy programs