Objective of the Action 

It is the achievement of durable, sustainable and digital economic recovery of agricultural holdings, so that they can face the existing and any future consequences of the pandemic or any other risk that may arise.

Beneficiaries of the Action

1. Candidate natural persons, when submitting the support request electronically, must:

  • To have reached the age of 18, not to have exceeded the age of 63 and to have full legal capacity in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
  • To have submitted an accepted Single Support Application for the year 2022.
  • Be tax and insurance aware.
  • They must not be directly retired from any internal or external fund, excluding the cases of retirement due to disability in Article 37 of Law 3996/2011, as also applies in Article 5, paragraph c, of Law 1287/1982.
  • Not to serve a prison sentence.
  • Be registered with MAAE as professional farmers or be new farmers of sub-measure 6.1 for whom four years have not passed since the decision to join the measure.

New entrant professional farmers are not eligible except those who applied for support from measure 6.1, their applications were deemed eligible but not covered by the regional credit limit.

2. Candidate legal entities of commercial law, when submitting the support request electronically, must:

  • To have submitted an accepted Single Support Application for the year 2022.
  • Be tax and insurance aware.
  • Have a duration of at least until 31.12.2033. In the event that the duration is not defined or has expired, it must be defined or renewed before submitting the support application.
  • To be legally solvent.
  • Have as their main activity the practice of agriculture and at least 50% of their turnover comes from the practice of agriculture.

Eligible Expenses

In the framework of Action 4.1.5, the following investments are strengthened:
1. Establishment, relocation, construction, extension and modernization of agricultural buildings and structures.
2. Purchase, transport and installation of new mechanical and other equipment.
3. Purchase of land.
4. Purchase, transport and establishment of perennial plantations, the establishment of which is not done with the use of seed.
5. Fencing and configuration of plots of land and the fencing of plantations
6. Purchase of a new car with a refrigerator to serve a flower or mushroom production farm.
7. Purchase of a new truck for transporting beehives (beekeeping truck).
8. Purchase and installation of farm management PCs and software, communications and office equipment.
9. Investments that contribute to the utilization of RES.
10. General Expenses

Financial Scheme

1. The financing of the implementation of the investment plan is covered by public expenditure and private participation. The public expenditure is granted in the form of a capital subsidy from the EAFRD and the Greek State, ex post facto, i.e. after the implementation of the investments, their repayment and their receipt by the competent bodies, based on the costs deemed eligible by them.
2. The limit of the requested budget for the holdings of natural and legal persons is 150,000 euros, while it can be raised up to 250,000 euros, under conditions

The intensity of the aid starts from 40% and reaches up to 80% of the requested budget depending on the categorization of the beneficiaries and the Regions

Application period Those interested can submit a support request, online, on the website

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