The Action provides financial incentives for the supply, installation and connection to the electrical grid of publicly accessible I/O charging stations, powered by electricity produced from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in urban and peri-urban areas and points of interest (airports, highways, ports , parking lots, etc.).

BENEFICIARIES According to the relevant announcement, the beneficiaries of the aid are the investment entities that are established or have a branch in Greek territory at the time of payment of the aid and have one of the following forms:

  • Commercial companies and sole proprietorships
  • Cooperatives
  • Social Cooperative Enterprises (Social Cooperative Enterprises),
  • Agricultural Cooperatives (AS),
  • Producer Groups (PO),
  • Urban Cooperatives,
  • Agricultural Partnerships (A.E.S.)
  • Joint ventures engaged in commercial activity
  • Public and Municipal enterprises

The O.T.A. Grade A or B are not beneficiaries of the action.

Categories of premises and maximum aid rates

  • Category A: Charging stations installed in OTA areas of responsibility. Grade A and included in Electric Vehicle Charging Plans (S.F.H.O.). The potential Beneficiaries of Class A are the Concessionaires F.E.Y.F.H.O. resulting from the conduct of open tenders for concessions (in accordance with the standard issues of par. 2 of no. 16 of Law 4710/2020) that have preceded for the development, management and operation of publicly accessible E/O recharging infrastructures. The aid rates for this category are determined on the basis of the Concession Agreement signed between the Contracting Authority and the Concessionaire, taking into account the maximum aid rates set in the action's MOU, based on the population of each Municipality.
  • Category B, Charging stations installed in places with public access outside of Category A, i.e. on the axes of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and in other places such as petrol stations, car parks (parking), marinas, parking areas of buildings with public access etc. The aid rates for this category depend on the place (Region / Regional Unit) in which the stations are installed, as well as on the size of the company (large/medium/small) that is a beneficiary of the action. These percentages range from 20% (e.g. a large company installing an E/O charging station in the Central Sector of Athens) to 65% (e.g. a small company installing an E/O charging station in Thrace).

The action "Charge Everywhere" has a budget of €79.79 million, financed by the Recovery Fund, while the expenditure for the current year amounts to €15.958 million. It is worth noting that the deadline for submitting applications is set for 31/12/ 2023 or until available resources are met.

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