On Monday, June 12, 2023, the platform for submitting applications to the new " 2023" program opens

General Residential Eligibility Conditions

A residence, in order to be considered eligible, must meet the following general conditions:

  • It exists legally.
  • It has not been deemed to be demolished.
  • It is used as a main residence.
  • It has been classified based on the First Energy Performance Certificate (A' P.E.A.) in a category below or equal to C.

Program beneficiaries

Entitled to participate in the Program are natural persons who have a right in rem (full ownership / usufruct / small ownership) in an eligible residence

In the event of the existence of several beneficiaries of real rights (consortiums) in an eligible residence: if the main use of the residence under application is made by one of the consorts, only the co-owner who owns it has the right to participate in the Program. If the main use of the requested residence concerns another person who is not a co-owner (rental/free concession), any of the co-owners with full ownership/usufructuary rights in rem (not tenuous ownership) have the right to participate in the Program.

For the legality of the residence, the applicant must present the relevant legalizing documents. It is taken into account that the submission of the Electronic Building Identity / Divided Ownership will be required at a later stage

The main use of the residence is recorded in the data of the user's income tax return within the last three (3) years, with priority in the reference year.

The maximum grant percentage of an application is defined as follows: μίας αίτησης ορίζεται ως εξής:

In the event that from the data of the income tax return, for the reference year, it appears that the property was not in use (vacant apartment, vacant detached house) in the tax year in question, for the certification of the main use of the residence, corresponding data from one of the two previous tax years. If the residence has been acquired after 31.12.2021 (recent property acquisition), a written commitment for the main use of the residence will be requested. The provisions of Regulation 1407/2013 of the EU Commission on de minimis aid are applied to rented/free housing, where the accumulation limits (€200,000) are determined. A declaration of compliance with the de minimis regulation, as it applies from time to time, is required from the Beneficiary (full owner, beneficiary) and any other parties.

Δεν είναι επιλέξιμες κατοικίες με χρήση βραχυχρόνιας μίσθωσης.

  Personal Income (€) Family Income (€) Subsidy Rate
Ownership by the applicant Free Concession to another Person / Rental
1 ≤5.000 ≤10.000 75% 65%
2 >5.000 – 10.000 >10.000 – 20.000 70% 60%
3 >10.000 – 20.000 >20.000 – 30.000 55% 45%
4 >20.000 – 30.000 >30.000 – 50.000 45% 40%
5 >30.000 >40.000 40% 40%


Conditions for submitting applications

Limitation of applications per Beneficiary:

For each eligible natural person (for each TIN applicant) it is possible to submit only one (1) application, in accordance with the terms of the Program.


Limitation of applications per residence:

Only one (1) application must be submitted for each eligible residence of the current Program.

A residence with an active application in one of the Energy Upgrade Programs, "Home Savings II", "Save-Autonomy", "Save 2021" and "Save-Renovate for young people" does not have the right to submit to the current program. An exception is the case of a "type B" multi-family housing application apartment of the "Save - Autonomy" Program, for which an application may be submitted as an apartment in the current Program.

The submission to the information system of more than one application for the same eligible residence by the same person or another circumstance leads, without exception, to the rejection of all the applications and in the case of an application for which an affiliation decision has been issued, the chronologically last application will be withdrawn .

The control for compliance with the above concerns all the applications that will be submitted to the program and is carried out by the Program Implementation Body before issuing the decision to include each application.

2.4 Commencement of Eligible Spending

The start date of expenditure eligibility is 01/02/2020 based on Regulation (EU) 2021/241 establishing the recovery and resilience mechanism. Projects which, based on the submitted expenditure documents, have been completed in terms of the physical object or have been fully executed up to the date of submission of the application are not eligible.

In the above context, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must have been issued from 02/01/2020 onwards. It is clarified that, within the framework of the requirements of the Program, PEA, which have been issued after 27.11.2017 (date of activation of the information system for issuing Energy Performance Certificates based on the KEnAK approved by the decision DEPEA/oc. 178581/30.06.2017, Official Gazette B' 2367/12.07.2017), and before 01/02/2020, as well as studies and Small Scale Construction Work Approvals that have been issued before 01/02/2020, but their expenditure is not eligible for the Program.


Energy Target – Requirements

The proposal (combination of interventions) for energy upgrading, submitted with the application, should cover the minimum energy-environmental application goal, as follows:

For each eligible residence (detached house or apartment), a mandatory upgrade by at least three (3) energy categories, in relation to the classification in the A' PEA (and mandatory by a minimum of B' category in the case of a radical renovation), in order to ensure primary energy savings energy at a rate of more than 30%.

The maximum eligible budget for energy upgrade interventions with VAT per Beneficiary application cannot exceed: δεν μπορεί να υπερβαίνει:

a) the product of €1.10 times the total estimated annual primary energy savings (kWh) as derived from the 1st Energy Performance Certificate,

b) the product of €220 on the surface of the main premises as it appears from form E9,

c) €22,500.

Eligible Budget of other expenses

In addition, the following other costs are subsidized by the Program at a percentage of 100% of the expenditure, provided that the application is included in it and the minimum energy goal is achieved:

Service Maximum total eligible cost of other expenses
EPC A' (Energy Performance Certificate)  



EPC B' (Energy Performance Certificate)
Electronic Building Identity
Licence / Study

Private participation coverage

The Beneficiaries of categories 1 to 5 of section 2.2 are entitled to the corresponding grant according to table 2.2.2 and undertake the payment of the remaining amount (private participation) by choice

A) with Equity,

B) with a loan agreement, either for the amount they choose or for the amount approved by the financial institution,

or a combination of the above.

Exclusively for the Beneficiaries of income category 1, in case of entering into a loan agreement, the possibility of guaranteeing the Program is provided to secure the loan to the financial institutions.

The guarantee will cover the loan amount at 100% in the case of owner-occupancy and at 80% in the case of rental/free concession taking into account the state aid rules.

The terms of the loan are determined in detail in the Accession Agreement of the Financial Institutions (for which, among other things, the possibility of guaranteeing the Program will be taken into account), as well as in the loan agreement between the Organization and the Beneficiary.

In addition, the terms of the loan agreement are as follows:

  1. It is not permissible to require collateral from the financial institution for the granting of the loan. Exceptionally, the possibility of putting up a guarantor when submitting the loan application is allowed, in cases where it is deemed necessary for citizens to improve their creditworthiness.
  2. The duration of the loan is four (4), or five (5), or six (6) years and the interest rate subsidy applies to the entire duration of the loan.
  3. The interest-based amortization of the loan is done with a monthly installment payment frequency and a fixed interest rate throughout the duration of the loan.
  4. The option is provided for early partial or total repayment of the loan without burdening the borrower.

The interest rate of the loan agreement, for the needs of the Program, is fixed, amounts to 6.5% and is subsidized at a rate of 100% for all income categories. The contribution of Law 128/22-28.8.1975 (Government Gazette A' 178), amounting to 0.12%, is borne by the Beneficiary. The financial institution does not charge interested parties with loan file management costs. The cost of file management for the applications that will be submitted, is covered by the Program, in accordance with the conditions governing the Accession Agreement that the financial institutions sign as part of their cooperation.

The Financial Management Body of the Program pays the interest to the financial institution after the payment of the corresponding capital installment by the Beneficiary.

In case of inability to pay a capital installment by the Beneficiary, the loan interest subsidy will be automatically stopped in case of delay in payment of 3 installments (3 months or more from the date of the first delay). In case of interruption of the subsidy, there is no possibility of withdrawal and the loan is repaid from now on with interest until its expiry, with the above fixed interest rate.

In the event that, during implementation or even after the completion of the project, the loan agreement is terminated by the financial institution, the Financial Management Body no longer pays the interest to the financial institution, which now burdens the Beneficiary.

The interest rate subsidy is eligible for the entire duration of the loan and the relevant amount, related to the interest rate subsidy, for the entire period of implementation of the Program is transferred to a reserved escrow account of the Program.

It is not eligible and the Beneficiary shall bear the cost of money order procurement for the payment of contractors/suppliers etc., made under the Scheme, in the event that the financial institution, with which the supplier cooperates, is different from it which the Beneficiary has chosen to cooperate with.

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