The platform for submitting applications to the "Photovoltaics on the Roof" program has opened.

Beneficiaries of the Program are households and farmers who will be able to install their own small photovoltaic, combined with a storage system (battery). The subsidy of the photovoltaic system starts from 45% and reaches 75% for households. The corresponding percentages for farmers are 40% – 60%, while the total subsidy of the photovoltaic system with battery can reach up to 16,000 euros for households and 10,000 euros for farmers.

At the same time, a special bonus of 10% is provided for people with disabilities, spouses and dependent members of people with disabilities, single-parent, three-child and large-child families.

Each natural person can submit a single application, for a single residence, primary or secondary, which has an active domestic electricity supply. Farmers can submit more than one application, depending on the number of agricultural electricity providers they have, as well as one application for their residence.

The total budget of the Program is 238 million euros and receives the following distribution by category of beneficiaries.

• Special care is taken for vulnerable households and 45 million euros are allocated exclusively for them (Category A)

• Exclusively for citizens with individual income <= €20,000 or family income <= €40,000: €100 million (Category B)

• Exclusively for citizens with individual income > €20,000 or family income > €40,000: €63 million (Category C)

• Exclusively for professional farmers and special status farmers: EUR 30 million (Category D)

A basic condition for submitting an application is that the applicant has already concluded a Connection Agreement with DEDDIE but that the photovoltaic station has not been connected.

The application system is open and will remain open until the available funds are exhausted, with a deadline of the end of June 2024.

If you are interested, contact us and one of our representatives will serve you immediately!