Awaiting the announcement of the third entrepreneurship action in the framework of the NSRF programming period 2021 – 2027, with a budget that will reach 300 million euros. 

the subsidized budget of each investment project ranges from 30,000 to 400,000 euros and varies by sector. More specifically, in manufacturing and tourism, the subsidized budget ranges from 30,000 to 400,000 euros, with the subsidy reaching up to 200,000 euros, while for companies operating either in the trade or services sector, the subsidized budget is formed, respectively, by 15,000 to 100,000 euros, with the upper limit of the grant being 55,000 euros. 

To whom it is directed

The right to submit a proposal to the action will be, under establishment and newly established without full administrative use medium, small and very small enterprises. Basic conditions for the participation of potentially benefiting companies are the following:

  • To invest exclusively in one Region.
  • To be active in eligible Activity Codes (KAD) - they will be defined in the detailed invitation.
  • To provide accurate details and location data of the place of implementation of the investment on a specific property (field, building or other type of independent space).
  • To provide evidence of the ownership status of the property.
  • To provide a land use certificate for the above place of implementation of the investment.
  • Provide evidence of securing private participation, at a rate of at least 60% of the proposed subsidized budget of the investment project.
  • Work on the investment project has not started before the submission of the funding application.
  • If the investment concerns a tourist accommodation, it must be of a specific capacity and specifications that will be specified in the detailed invitation.
  • As long as the investment concerns tourist furnished residences, there should be at least three of them with the same EOT Mark/MITE Number (Tourist Business Register).
  • To meet the application conditions of Reg. EU 1407/2013 (De Minimis).

Rates – aid intensity

The grant of interim installments will amount to 40% of the submitted costs.

An additional grant rate of up to 15% will be paid upon completion in accordance with the achievement of goals related to the rate of implementation of the investment, as well as new hires of staff with salaried work.

The detailed percentages will be finalized with the announcement of the invitation.

 Εligible expenses 

The indicative categories of expenses for which the beneficiary can apply and be financed are described below:

  • Buildings, facilities and surroundings

Construction/extension of building facilities, as well as completion of buildings with Indicative eligible percentage / amount in the subsidized budget 80%

  • Machinery - equipment Production & mechanical equipment / Laboratory equipment / Digital equipment and software / Other equipment with Indicative eligible percentage / amount in the subsidized budget 100%
  • First operation (SME start-up) aid
  • Expenditure of projection and extroversion
  • Technical studies
  • Consultant services
  • Means of transport
  • Salary cost of new employees (new staff)

For the above, the maximum eligible percentage / amount in the subsidized budget will be determined in the official invitation.

If you are interested in subsidized programs, fill out the evaluation form below and a representative from the relevant department will contact you immediately!

Business evaluation questionnaire for inclusion in funding and subsidy programs