At AFS - Athens Financial Services we also proceed to meet your insurance needs and claims.
Your protection and security is important for us, which is why we have concluded contracts with all the major insurance companies in Greece and abroad to achieve:

  • The necessary solvency and guarantee required by each insurance risk for businesses and individuals.
  • The proper management and immediacy in service from the stage of supply and support to indemnification per case.
  • The possibility of taking risks for individuals and their property with specialized advice.
  • The securing of special agreements on specific risks related to Marine Insurance, Aviation Insurance, D&O, Ransom and kidnapping, for special guards on board, etc.

Our company is an insurance mediation body and our goal is to "bridge" the gap between the Insurance Companies and the insured, whose interests we represent.
The basic principles of our philosophy, which also permeates our partners, are the total and, as far as possible, full coverage of your insurance needs, with the presentation of the appropriate insurance products that aim to secure you and choose the product that satisfies you.

The sectors of Insurance that our company deals with are:

  • Occupational Insurances: such as insurance for business premises, civil liability, group health care of business personnel, transport, financial loss, employee trust, credit and guarantee, legal protection, etc.

  • Personal Insurances: such as property insurance (family vehicles, residences, yachts, business premises), life, health, income protection, legal protection.

  • Specialized Insurance: such as Marine (vessels and ships), Aviation (aircraft) and Special Guards, crops (such as for wine growers and wino-makers).

The belief of the company and our partners is that in order to be efficient and stand out we must always find solutions to every request of our client, presenting all the alternatives to choose the one that fully satisfies him.

Even if any of your needs are highly specialized and unusual, we through collaborations with foreign insurance companies seek and find solutions that satisfy you.

Pre Contractual Information

The "path" we follow to find the appropriate contract:


Analysis and study of your insurance needs and we continue with the training of your insurance program that covers more fully your needs.


Investigating the insurance markets and finding the appropriate insurance company or group of companies to undertake your coverage based on the most favorable terms of insurance (such as exemptions, conditions, loss limits, restrictions etc.) to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the event of the occurrence of a covered risk, but also the solvency and reliability of the insurance company and its executives.


We collect the offers and we present you with the benefits and charges in a comparative table, we check the insurance policy that will be issued by the insurance company, which will be based on the selected offer and delivery of the customer.


We support your policy in case of loss, so that the indemnification reflects its true value and dimension and you complete the procedures as soon as possible.