The Ministerial Decision 33195/23-05-2024 on the Electoral Leave in the private sector was published. According to the decision, all industrial, craft and commercial enterprises, holdings and works of the private sector, as well as those who generally employ staff and are under the private sector, are obliged to grant their staff a special leave of absence fully compensated to facilitate the exercise of the election of the right, during the upcoming European elections on June 9.

The number of days of leave of absence, which is granted for the above purpose, and which covers the absolutely necessary time for the staff to go to the place of exercising their right to vote and return from it, is determined as follows:

for five-day employees:

  • • from 200 - 400 km, one working day
  • • from 401 and above, two working days
  • • for the islands up to 3 days

for six-day employees:

  • from 100 - 200 km, one working day
  • from 201 - 400 km, two working days
  • • from 401 and above, three working days
  • • for the islands up to 3 days

For those employees, who move according to the above, Sunday, June 9, 2024, is a working day, this is considered a day of special leave of absence fully compensated, in addition to those defined in the decision. The granted leave is not offset against the paid annual leave.

It is noted that the employees who will make use of the special electoral permit are obliged to present to their employer, a certificate from a competent body, from which the participation in the elections will be explicitly stated.