By decision of the Deputy Commander of the DYPA, Mr. Karahaliou, the "Pre-work Program for 10,000 unemployed youth, aged up to 29 years, is expanded by 5,000 positions Regions of Attica and Central Macedonia".

The purpose of the re-announcement of the action is the preparation of an additional 5,000 people registered in the unemployment registers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs2, who are outside employment, education and training and reside in areas of competence of the Regions of Attica and Central Macedonia, in a working environment of the public or private sector in view of their inclusion in the labor market.

The program is addressed to private companies, to Social and Solidarity Economy Agencies (C.A.L.O), companies, agencies, public organizations, as defined by article 51 of Law 1892/1990 (A' 101) as applicable, and businesses of first and second degree local government, which regularly carry out economic activity, in the Regions of Attica and Central Macedonia.

Beneficiaries of the action are an additional 5,000 unemployed young people, aged eighteen (18) to twenty-nine (29), graduates of at least compulsory education, registered in the register of unemployed persons of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs2. who live in areas under the jurisdiction of the Regions of Attica and Central Macedonia and are out of employment, education and training.

The duration of the program is 7 months and the participants are paid by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. monthly compensation equal to the legal minimum wage, as well as a proportion of holiday gifts and holiday allowance.

Businesses/providers submit a single electronic application to the e-services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the website of the Public Service Employment www. The D.Y.P.A. confirms that the company/provider meets the conditions and then the labor advisers of the D.YPA.A. indicate to the company/provider candidates according to the required qualifications of the vacancy. As the final stage of the referral process, the company/provider selects among the candidates and places the unemployed person in a suitable pre-employment position.

It is noted that the re-announcement concerns providers who have not been included in the program in the past.