On Friday, June 7 at 11:00 a.m., business applications for the new "Professional Experience Acquisition Program for unemployed young people aged 18-29" began, funded by the DYPA.

Through the new program, 25,000 young people will have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience. The aim of the action is to strengthen the access of young people to the labor market and to stop the leakage of human resources.


The purpose of the program is to prepare 25,000 unemployed 18–29-year-olds for their entry into the labor market.


Private sector companies across the country. A necessary condition for the inclusion of a company in the program is that it has not reduced its staff during the three months prior to the submission of the electronic application on the DYPA electronic platform.

Companies are classified, depending on their staff, as follows:

Businesses with Senior Staff: Number of beneficiaries

0-3 employees

4-9 employees

10-19 employees

20-30 employees

31-50 employees

51+ employees :20% of staff and up to 20 beneficiaries


Unemployed persons aged 18-29 registered in the digital register of the unemployed of DYPA, who do not participate in an education or training program or are employed as indicated until they are placed in the company (collaboration agreement), can participate in the program.


The pre-training lasts 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 7 months and ISPA pays the participants a monthly allowance equal to the legal minimum wage. In addition, a proportion of holiday bonuses and holiday allowance is paid. Beneficiaries enjoy full medical coverage under the e-EFKA insurance scheme. The provider during the scheme has no charge and has no obligation to retain the employee after the end of the scheme. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


The program, with a budget of €200 million, is co-financed by Greece and the EU through the "Human Resources and Social Cohesion" Program in Priority 5 "Employment of Young People (15-29 years old) EAEK (out of employment, education and training)".


Companies submit online applications at gov.gr

Companies determine the specialty and the required qualifications of the position(s).

DYPA confirms that the company meets the conditions

DYPA's employment advisers indicate to the company candidates according to the required qualifications of the position(s)

The company chooses between the candidates, and they sign an agreement