The social tourism program 2024-2025 started on Monday 01.07.2024, will last until 30.06.2025 and concerns 300,000 checks, with a budget of 50 million euros, increased by 43% from last year.

The beneficiaries can spend up to 6 nights in accommodation they choose from the Register of Providers, after direct consultation with the provider, with low private participation.

For accommodation in tourist accommodation on Leros, Lesvos, Chios, Kos and Samos, up to 10 nights can be spent free of charge, while for accommodation in the Municipalities of Istiaia-Edipsos and Mantoudi-Limni-Ag. Anna of P.E. Evia, as well as in P.E. Magnesia, Karditsa, Larissa, Trikala and Evros, up to 12 nights can be spent free of charge.

Subsidized prices remain increased by 20% for the peak month of August, with a corresponding 20% ​​subsidy for the Christmas (from 15.12.2024 to 14.01.2025) and Easter (from 11.04.2025 to 27.04.2025) periods. The increased subsidy is valid for the whole year for the accommodation of N. Evia, Evros and Thessaly (except Sporades).

Tourist accommodation providers

The program is addressed to the following tourist accommodations:

  • hotels of all functional forms and classes (classic hotels, furnished apartments, traditional accommodations)
  • rooms/apartments for rent five (5), four (4), three (3), two (2) keys and unclassified
  • tourist furnished houses-villas (self-catering accommodation)
  • organized tourist camps (camping)


  • meet all the technical and functional specifications provided for by the current legislation, depending on their category and
  • there is a separate bathroom, an individual or central cooling-heating system depending on their operating periods, a refrigerator and a television (not required for organized camps) and
  • there is a direct access to a computer and electronic scanner as well as the Internet

How to join the program

  • an online application for participation is submitted each year on the dates specified in the Public Call
  • providers who meet the conditions and have submitted the necessary supporting documents defined in the Public Invitation are recorded in a table, the "Register of Providers"
  • after the inclusion of the providers in the Registry, there are on-site checks by the competent Services of the DYPA, based on which the process of their inclusion in the program is completed

Program repayment

A necessary condition for the payment of the subsidy is the conclusion of a private agreement in accordance with the terms of the Public Invitation and the activation of the checks of the beneficiaries and their beneficiaries, which is done through the electronic services by entering the dates of arrival and departure and attaching the private agreement.

For the repayment of the program, the providers submit applications and supporting documents at specific time intervals, as defined in the Public Invitation, to the competent service based on the headquarters of the companies.

Terms of participation

Providers are required to:

  • Follow the health protocols of EODY, to accept in their accommodation beneficiaries - benefiting members, holders of a Social Tourism Voucher from the start of the program until its end. Any availability of a room before or after the end of the program will not create any obligation at the expense of DYPA
  • Accept beneficiaries of the Program in all departments of their unit throughout their operation period, which will be declared in the application, without excluding any intermediate period, and up to the capacity limit, as defined in the Special Sign / Operation Notification
  • Have at least 30% of the total capacity of their beds during the summer and holidays, if a reservation has been made by the beneficiaries
  • have – depending on the technical specifications provided for the accommodation category – rooms with individual or central cooling/heating system (depending on their operating period), with private bathroom, refrigerator and TV
  • Under no circumstances have problematic rooms (underground, indoor, without sufficient lighting or ventilation, etc.)
  • Not to rent the living room space of the apartment to beneficiaries - benefiting members, as well as to rent hotel apartments, furnished apartments and rented furnished apartments by room
  • Offer without compensation or remuneration to the beneficiaries all the services that they are obliged to provide to third parties according to the relevant provisions
  • Clean the rooms and change their clothing (towels, sheets, etc.) in accordance with the provisions of the Tourist Legislation
  • Provide the beneficiaries - benefiting members, if they have the relevant license, breakfast the same as that which they offer to the other customers of the accommodation, with a composition in accordance with the applicable procurement regulations.

Application period

The application period for accommodation and ferries started on Monday 03.06.2024 at 18:00 and ends on 31.05.2025 at 23:59.