We should make it clear that Monday, June 5, 2023 (Holy Spirit) is not included in the official holidays defined by the law for workers in the private sector.

However, private businesses in our country are late in the event that this (Holy Spirit) day has been declared a holiday by a provision of the Collective Labor Agreement, the company's Labor Regulations, by business habit and custom, during which the business remains closed on this day.

Equally, in the same way, more favorable conditions may apply as regards the increase of remuneration for work legally provided on the day of the Holy Spirit.

In the event that salaried employees do not work in accordance with the above, they will normally receive their salary, while those who are paid a daily wage, are entitled to receive their daily salary.

If, despite the fact that the day of the Holy Spirit has been designated as an additional public holiday for a business, it will operate this year as an exception, then the employees who are employed are entitled to a 75% increase, which is calculated on their daily wage (if they are paid on a daily wage) or on 1/25 of of their monthly salary (if they are paid a monthly salary).

It is recalled that the days of mandatory holiday that have been determined by law and during which any industrial, craft, commercial work, professional activity, as well as the employment of employees is prohibited, are as follows:

  1. January 1, which was added to the mandatory holidays pursuant to article 60 of Law 4808/2021
  2. January 6th (the Feast of the Epiphany), which was added to the mandatory holidays pursuant to Article 60 of Law 4808/2021
  3. March 25th
  4. Easter Monday
  5. The feast of the Assumption of the Virgin (August 15)
  6. The feast of the Nativity of Christ (December 25).
  7. The second day of Christmas (December 26), which was added to the mandatory holidays by virtue of article 42 of Law 4554/2018.
  8. May 1, which pursuant to article 14 of Law 4468/2017, was designated as a mandatory holiday.
  9. October 28, which was added to the mandatory holidays pursuant to article 60 of Law 4808/2021