The answer is, of course, yes. Franchising surveys are part of the services that our company can provide to you.

The Franchise process is divided
into 3 steps:

1. Study of the Franchise Operations Handbook (Manual)

We study the operations manual regarding the organization of your store, your pricing policy, analysis of operating procedures, recording of the equipment required and its use, legal and tax actions, computing, human resource processes and communication (promotion and advertising).

2. Investors & Contract

We set up and present your entire venture to prospective investors for your company while we are drafting all the necessary contracts, the terms of the franchise contracts, the commercial terms and the economic cooperation analysis.

3. Support and Development of Partner Network

We provide support services of operation and organization of the network of collaborators to the franchisee.

Again, the answer is Yes.

Our company is able to help you fill in the necessary documents and conditions in order to request your membership in a franchise network.

We undertake to examine all financial data of the licensor, the legal records and profit/loss statements to obtain a realistic picture of the expenses, the profits and other business concerns.

We then undertake the creation of your business plan and all the costs and your full support throughout the process.