In response to developments and constant changes in the legislative framework, at Athens Financial Services we also offer human resources services, either in cooperation with the department you already have, or as your ideal external partner

Do you keep your personnel files properly organized and up to date?

In our company we undertake to organize and support all information about your personnel. Leaves, sicknesses and training programs will be properly registered, while we also provide you with staff statistics.

We manage the presence schedule and shift schedules, we keep your employee changes record up-to-date, we monitor labor law and codes of conduct, and have you fully covered and updated.


How do I choose the right employees for my business?

The choice of suitable staff is another thing we support. We use our database with notable executives but we also seek collaborators through our network of contacts. We publish adverts for your needs, do the relevant market research and conduct interviews while we directly approach executives with the proposal you would like to present them.


But our services don’t stop here. In order to evolve and go forward and always have the best, a business must also find the assessment system of its personnel staff that suits it.

Our company implements modern evaluation systems and contributes to the process of finding and recording the performance, efficacy and qualifications of your employees.

The system we apply is divided into two stages: The first one concerns the recruitment tests, in order to place the right person in the appropriate position and the second one the tests applicable during the employment, for his/her continuous development


The prediction of the needs of the company in human resources and the knowledge of the skills and qualifications of the staff and the ways that these can be used are very basic factors for the effectiveness of the company. Our long experience in the field of consulting services and the organization of human resources departments, contributes:

  • to the definition of the policy (strategy) of the Human Resources department
  • to the recording and identification of procedures
  • to the training of the Human Resources officer
  • to the selection and evaluation of candidates
  • to the definition and codification of the department’s forms