Our company is able to serve you even if you are a resident of abroad or you keep a business outside Greece.

The services we offer for individuals residing permanently in foreign countries and having unfinished business with the Greek bureaucracy concern the coverage of all their obligations arising for taxation purposes and the conclusion of double taxation avoidance agreements. Attention: If you own any asset in our country (such as a forgotten plot of land that you have never seen) then this is sufficient to establish relationships with the State.

The main and most common obligations:
Declaration of immovable property
Income tax declaration
Ε9 & Ε2 forms
Declaration of inheritance and transfer of property

If you own or wish to acquire a company abroad we provide you with all the necessary procedures to achieve it.

1. Establishment of a Company
Completion of all the necessary bureaucracy needed for its formation, such as:
Bank account opening
Payment of corporate capital.
Registration of company with VIES.

2. Stages for the setting up of the company
Finding a workplace to buy or rent, if necessary
Finding and recruiting staff
Guidance for the supply of all necessary equipment for the operation of the company

3. Accounting Support
Guidance and advice regarding the accounting part
Keeping of the books of the company
Monthly accounting monitoring

4. Secretarial Support
In case you do not want a physical seat we host your company in our offices
Virtual personal secretary answering the phone on behalf of your company.

5. Legal Support
Our legal department undertakes your continued support.

6. Translations / Interpretation
During your stay abroad and your professional visits to banks, Ministries, Public services, collaborators, etc. we provide you with an interpreter.

Our motto #mazimegalonoume is our core principle and philosophy. For a better and more profitable future. We are here to help with the vision for your business.