Paying employees and partners can be a time-consuming process and take you away from your main work and supervision

At Athens Financial Services we cover all the tax needs you have in your business. Our specialized partners undertake your tax support and give you advice on any matter.

Our company processes the necessary data for the issuance of payroll, prints all necessary payroll statements and detailed receipts of individual earnings and publishes the accounting articles for the updating of the accounting books of your business.

We manage the presence schedule and shift schedules, we keep your employee changes record up-to-date, we monitor labor law and codes of conduct, and have you fully covered and updated.

The payroll services we provide include:

  • Compilation and submission of the compensation tax return form to the tax office

  • Budgeting of payroll costs for the current or next year

  • Calculation of staff compensation according to your company needs

  • Selective processing for senior executives or foreign staff

  • Monitoring of collective agreements

  • Comparison with the salaries of your employees

  • Issuance of salary certificates

  • Compilation and submission of temporary FMI declarations

We carry out on your behalf the process of returning an employer contribution of 0.45 in DYPA vocational training programs, by providing all the required payroll information.


At the same time, we also cover your insurance obligations at the cash registers.

  • Compilation of an analytical periodic declaration (APD) EFKA and its submission through internet to EFKA's services.
  • Compilation and submission of necessary statements of contributions of other funds primary and secondary insurance.
  • Issuance of certificates of insurance deductions and salaries of employees until the issuance of the relevant computerized certificates.
  • Support payment process of contributions of all insurance funds, main and auxiliary.
  • Issue of insurance information, (if requested).
  • Procedure for taking inventory at EFKA and issuing a book of new hires, in case of a change of headquarters or the opening of branches.