A trademark is the symbol that your customers are looking for to choose you. It distinguishes you from your competitors and makes you stand out. It is essentially the distinguishing sign used commercially to identify a product or business.

Our company undertakes the preparation of the dossier and all the procedures for the safeguarding of your trademark, both at national and international level. Our consultants ensure that your rights are guaranteed at every stage of the registration process.

We also take care of thorough research before filing, in order to ensure the success of the registration, and we always inform you about the dates when you need to renew your trademark, so that it remains valid for as long as you wish.

Step 1: Availability Check

We immediately check the availability of the trademark you want to register.

Step 2: Category Selection

A trademark can be registered in one or more categories (classes). We will help you choose the categories to best protect your brand.

Step 3: Documents and Documentation

We collect all the relevant documents, which will be needed and proceed to the final review of your dossier before filing.

Step 4: Filing of the Trademark Dossier

Our lawyer submits your file to the competent ministry and we inform you about the trademark number and the trial that will be set.

Step 5: Final Decision

During the trial date we will attend the examination of your application and we will inform you of the final decision by notifying you of all relevant documents.