At Athens Financial Services we cover all the tax needs you have in your business. Our specialized partners undertake your tax support and give you advice on any matter.

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We provide all management audits, of both financial statements and consolidated balance sheets. Our partners give you complete control over the good and proper functioning of internal control systems, books and data, budgets and accounts.

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Our company processes the necessary data for the issuance of payroll, prints all necessary payroll statements and detailed receipts of individual earnings and publishes the accounting articles for the updating of the accounting books of your business.

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In response to developments and constant changes in the legislative framework, at Athens Financial Services we also offer human resources services, either in cooperation with the department you already have, or as your ideal external partner.

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Η AFS φροντίζει για την καλύτερη και ταχύτερη εξυπηρέτησή σας!

Από σήμερα το γραφείο μας στην Ευαλκίδου λειτουργεί πλέον τηλεφωνικά ή δια ζώσης αποκλειστικά κατόπιν ραντεβού.

Από την άνεση του καναπέ ή του γραφείου σας, εμείς είμαστε κοντά σας για όποιο ζήτημα σας απασχολεί!