The new application of AADE "Appodixi" has been activated, with which taxpayers can check via their mobile phone whether the receipts they receive during their transactions are authentic.

In particular, they will be able to check:

  • That the receipt is declared, but the receipt has not yet been forwarded to AADE. In this case, the date and time beyond which the receipt should have been sent to AADE is mentioned. If the receipt has been issued before this point, the report for non-transmission of the receipt is indicated.
  • That the QR code cannot be read or that the cashier is not declared or not active. In this case, submitting a report to the application is indicated.

If the user chooses to report the receipt, he is asked to do the following:

  1. Take a photo of the receipt.
  2. Enter the reference, in the form of a Picklist field (with the possibility of selecting a value).
  3. To add any comments he wants.
  4. To choose whether to make an anonymous or named complaint.

The report informs the AADE complaint handling information system and based on it the relevant audit is launched.

Taxpayers who will check with their mobile phones the receipts they receive and report to the AADE the shopkeepers who issue receipts that are not genuine will receive a monetary reward. θα λαμβάνουν χρηματική επιβράβευση.

As noted in a statement by AADE, now, all citizens have the possibility to check the authenticity of the receipts they receive in their transactions, as long as they download the application, appodixi, on their mobile phone.

According to the same announcement, with the new digital application, the exercise of the citizen's right to check the legality of the payments he makes in his transactions, for every good or service he buys, is strengthened.

The application is available for citizens on the Google Play Store (for mobiles with Android software) and AppStore (for mobiles with IOS software, i.e. Apple).

The AFS team