In the following interview, Nikos Karamanos from AFS answers a series of questions that highlight the changes and challenges facing industry professionals today.
You will learn how the role of the accountant has evolved in recent years and what are the main factors that have led accountants to develop more and more complex financial and advisory skills. The discussion focuses on the most important skills a modern accountant-financial advisor should have and how technology has impacted accounting and advisory services.
Through specific examples, Nikos Karamanos gives a definition of how a financial advisor can help a business grow, and highlights the importance of proper tax advice for the sustainability and growth of a business. In addition, he explains the process by which an accountant can become an effective financial advisor and the challenges faced in providing complex financial advice.
Finally, it also reveals some of the most common misconceptions clients have about accounting and how an accountant can help prevent financial crises in a business.
Listen the interview and discover how you can enhance your own business strategy at the link below: Ραδιοφωνική Συνέντευξη του Νίκου Καραμάνου στο Κανάλι 1.m